I remember every single family that I had the honour to photograph since I started my photography business and all of them are close to my heart, but this family is ultra special to me! They were my very FIRST clients, biggest supporters and awesome friends. They are goofy and funny and I just love who they are.


They showed up with layers of clothes which was perfect because it cools down pretty quickly at the end of the day now. Aren't these kids cute with their toques? Their mom used to be in charge of coordinating her kid's wardrobe for their photo shoot, but now they matured a bit and have their own style. Niko wanted to wear his blue toque like he always does and Alylie didn't want to wear any dress or skirt and wanted to wear her toque just like her big brother.


Hope I can continue to cherish the relationship with this lovely family for years to come. Thank you, Wetteskind Family!!!

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