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What if your newborn is older than 2 weeks old?

I just wanted to feature our recent newborn session at my home studio with this adorable little pea. He was 3 weeks old when he came to our studio for his session. After a baby passes the two week milestone, their sleeping cycle can change drastically. While it can create more opportunities, a babies tend to be more active and alert at this time giving the session a different feel . No need to stress if you are reading this blog and just happened to book your session later than you hoped to. These are a few tricks that I have been using to host successful newborn sessions and it always works like a charm. Even wide awake babies get sleepy and relaxed pretty quickly just incorporating some of the following:

1. Feed your young one right before the session

2. Turn up the room temperature to 26 to 29 degrees Celsius (Yes it could get a little toasty for parents!!)

3. Use a heating pad underneath their blanket or props

4. Play womb sounds

5. Swaddle!

Speaking of active babies, Connor from my recent session was calm throughout the shoot, which was a nice surprise. When I transferred him to another prop, he just made a cute little sound to let me know that he just wanted to keep sleeping in the same spot. Initially, my clients thought they may just want to capture images of their child, but I am so glad that I got to capture some family portraits with their new addition at the end. I always love to capture those special family bonding moments, filled so full of love. When Conner is a bit older and looks at these photos, these images will show him how much joy he brings to his mom and dad.

Session Type: Classic Session / 1 Hour Studio Photo Shoot