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Something very powerful!

Research has shown that there is something very powerful in touching your fingers to an actual print, Touching the photograph where a face is smiling or upon ones shoulders is the same as touching a book when you read it. There’s a lot of stimulation of the brain when you have that sensory experience. That is a bit lost in the transition to digital. You are touching a keyboard, mouse or a touchscreen but you are not touching the image.

My mother was a great photographer and when I married, she gave me my baby album and a couple family albums with professional photographs along with her beautiful work. I cherish every one of the images in those albums and feel lucky to have tangible images to reflect on.

I've also started on my family albums when we started having kids. It started with one baby album for each kiddo and continued with our annual family albums. Yes, it requires a bit of planning to put together, but now with our children older they really love looking at them making the effort totally worth it. They have their baby albums in their room so that they can look at it anytime they want (I made sure to order two copies each so that one is for them to keep and the another for our memory boxes ).

When I'm dragging my heels on creating our yearly album, I just have to recall my children’s excitement when I bring out a new album. That’s all the motivati9n I need.

If anybody needs a help to make it happen, I am happy to create a beautiful album with the images from your photo session. Feel free to contact me for more information!

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