It seems like we've been having thunderstorms everyday lately and it was the case for the day that we initially planed this session..... I was pretty bummed because I was looking forward to the annual session with this lovely family.

As my mom always told me, things happen for a reason, and it always turns out better at the end. She was totally right. With both of our calendars looking full, it was a bit challenging to find a new date for the photo shoot.

Then they mentioned that they would be in Drumheller that following weekend, so I thought why not, I'll come visit them and host this session in one of my favourite backdrops, Alberta's badlands.

We got to have a fun lifestyle family session while witnessing a stunningly beautiful sunset. Every year this family reminds me of how valuable it is to enjoy every moment, and I adore their young lady, full of so much energy.


Thank you Jessie for introducing me to a cool campground in town. Our trip was full of fun and I couldn't ask for a better weekend!!